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Franz I'm on Franz 4.0.4 and I can't automatically update to Franz 5

In Franz 5 we have added tons of new features and have completely revamped the whole infrastructure and how services are provided and synchronized. In other words: Franz 5 was rewritten from the scratch. This also means that for technical reasons, we are not able to do an automatic update from Franz 4 to 5.

To update to Franz 5, please download the latest version from here.

Service WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+

This fix requires Franz 5. If you are still on Franz 4 then please update here.

Please follow the steps to fix the " WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+ " issue.

  1. Please remove the "whatsapp" folder in:
    • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Franz/recipes/
    • Windows: %appdata%/Franz/recipes/
    • Linux: ~/.config/Franz/recipes/
  2. Delete WhatsApp from your Franz services
  3. Restart Franz
  4. Add WhatsApp via "Add new service"

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

ServiceA service that I want to use is currently not supported by Franz

Missing something?

It's super easy to add new services to Franz! If you fancy adding a new service to Franz yourself, please click here.

Windows Error after update

Some users have reported that they were not able to launch the app with this or a similar error:

Windows Update Error

If you are affected by this, please restart your computer, download and install the App from

šŸ‘‰ or
šŸ‘‰ .

Premium License I have purchased Franz Premium but my subscription is not recognised

You have purchased a Franz Premium license but the app doesn't recognise it and makes you wait?

Please just restart the Franz app and get started with Premium right away!

Premium License How to cancel my subscription

To cancel your premium supporter license, you have options.

  • Go to your account settings and click "manage subscriptions", from there click "cancel subscription"
  • Send us an email with the request