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ServiceWhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+

This fix requires Franz 5. If you are still on Franz 4 then please update here.

Please follow the steps to fix the "WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+" issue.

  1. Please remove the "whatsapp" folder in:
    • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Franz/recipes/
    • Windows: %appdata%/Franz/recipes/
    • Linux: ~/.config/Franz/recipes/
  2. Delete WhatsApp from your Franz services
  3. Restart Franz
  4. Add WhatsApp via "Add new service"

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

FranzI'm on Franz 4.0.4 and I can't automatically update to Franz 5

In Franz 5 we have added tons of new features and have completely revamped the whole infrastructure and how services are provided and synchronized. In other words: Franz 5 was rewritten from the scratch. This also means that for technical reasons, we are not able to do an automatic update from Franz 4 to 5.

To update to Franz 5, please download the latest version from here.

WindowsError after update

Some users have reported that they were not able to launch the app with this or a similar error:

Windows Update Error

If you are affected by this, please restart your computer, download and install the App from

👉 or

Premium Supporter LicenseHow to cancel my subscription

To cancel your premium supporter license, you have options.

  • Go to your account settings and click "manage subscriptions", from there click "cancel subscription"
  • Send us an email with the request